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Classical Drawing and Traditional Painting

Art Workshops

Art Workshops

Art WorkshopsArt WorkshopsArt Workshops

Classical Drawing and Traditional Painting

About Us

Classical Drawing and Painting Programs

The Galvez Atelier Classical Program is designed by teaching artist, Alfred Galvez.  The classes are arranged in sequence according to increasing difficulty. The range of available classes can accommodate students across the learning spectrum: enthusiasts who engage in art as part of leisure, practicing artists who need to enrich themselves and re-learn a solid foundation in creative practice, and aspiring artists who are preparing for a career in art or a Fine Arts talent test.

The Classical Program is meant to provide a strong foundation in classical techniques. Classes in the program are not only designed to teach skills but also to train students how to see and understand the interplay of the formal elements and principles seen in an artwork.

 Galvez Atelier offers a curriculum with a sequence of classes carefully designed to help the student develop in drawing and painting. This method is akin to the practice in European ateliers of the past. However, this is a timeless approach that have worked throughout the history of humanity and across cultures. It is implemented at the atelier to provide the proper foundations for the learner to know how to create works that possess intrinsic excellence. The program then offers modular classes to continue one’s artistic education. 

A Creative Learning Hub

Galvez Atelier is a home for artists and art students who want to immerse in the fine and decorative arts. It is a creative learning hub where students can watch artist-teachers at work. The atelier offers a space for contemplation and creation for artists, so that their ideas make flourish and take material form. The entire structure is a residence repurposed into an atelier, with spaces allotted for an office, art production, and year-round art classes. The year-round art classes include drawing, painting,mural, faux finishes and decorative painting. Galvez Atelier also offers an apprenticeship program.

The Contemporary Atelier

Traditionally, an atelier was a studio where professional artists and their apprentices worked together to create fine art pieces. In the process, artists train students in the methods and techniques of Classical Realism and beyond. The artist-teachers nurture students so that they may gain enough knowledge and experience to prepare them to be artworld-ready. Although ateliers waned towards the post-aesthetic turn in the 20th century, artists are rediscovering beauty over the recent years. People are not necessarily gearing to be professional artists seek to learn about the process of art-making as an activity for enrichment, healing, or leisure. Galvez Atelier addresses these various needs and is committed to nurture artists and students with unique learning requirements.

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